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Printing on custom car air fresheners can be a little different. Please review the tips below to ensure you get the best results on your new custom air fresheners!

Custom Car Freshener Material is Absorbent and Textured

Our custom air freshener paper is designed to be ultra absorbent, and as such, causes colors to be slightly muted, (black in particular) and decreases resolution.

               ORIGINAL ARTWORK                                                     ACTUAL FRESHENER

Close Up Shots Work Best

By using a close up shot, you are able to see more detail in the photo.

                ORIGINAL ARTWORK                                                  ACTUAL FRESHENER

Far Away Shots Lose Definition

By using a close up shot, you are able to see more detail in the photo.

                   ORIGINAL ARTWORK                                               ACTUAL FRESHENER

Small Text is Hard to Read

We recommend at least 10pt font to ensure legibility.

             ORIGINAL ARTWORK                                                       ACTUAL FRESHENER

Borders are Not Recommended

Including borders in your custom air freshener artwork will accentuate any printing misalignment between Side 1 and Side 2 of your freshener.

Chance of Yellowing With Time

In certain conditions, the fragrance may cause yellowing of your personalized air freshener's unprinted areas over time . The more color, the less noticeable the yellowing will be.

We use full colour offset printing for our air fresheners. Choose from the basic shapes below or we can custom cut to any size!